Comparative Law and Governance

This article is a comparative study in the sphere of constitutional justice. The article analyzes the organization of the constitutional judicial control in the subjects of the countries with the federal form of government. The paper discusses a possibility of applying the foreign experience of the constitutional justice organization in the subjects of the Russian Federation. The study is based on the constitutional systems of Russia and Germany.
Keywords: federalism, subject of the Federation, court, constitutional (statutory) justice, law, effectiveness

Sweeping changes occurred in the Russian civil law in 2015. The institute of representation was enshrined in law in the article 431.2 of Russian Civil Code. Russian lawyers debate on the content of this article. Some of them deny the fact of borrowing from English law. The vast majority of lawyers recognize that this rule has a similar content with the institute of English Contract Law. What institute: representation or warranty?
Keywords: Russian Civil Code, Representation, Warranty, Liability of the parties, Principal obligation

Until 2013, the Russian Civil Code contained the requirement for an obligatory written form of foreign trade transactions. The requirement caused some issues in the judicial practice on recognition of transactions. The foreign transaction party was not in pari causa with the Russian party. Russian lawmakers excluded the provision of article 162 from the Civil Code in 2013.
Keywords: Civil Code of the Russian Federation, foreign transactions, form of transactions, judicial practice

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