The current global market situation forces national governments into taking all possible measures to review their expenditure budgets and reduce state costs. The maintenance of federal public servants is considered to be the heaviest burden as far as state expenditures are concerned. In recent years among experts in Russia the new perception was spread. According to it the number of public servants is greatly exaggerated and the reduction is a significant decision that will save taxpayers' money on wages and maintenance of the apparatus of civil servants.
Keywords: Public servants, state policy, efficiency, IMF

According to the conventional view State as an economic entity is chronically inefficient. The major part of mainstream economists and management experts consider such statement to be axiomatic. Unlike managers of private companies public servants appear to have no unambiguous goals, to be unmotivated to create added value and to be inclined to use the powers for personal gain. However recent studies conducted by experts show that under certain conditions, state-owned companies can consistently show strong financial results.
Keywords: Public sector, market economy, oil industry, investment, Gazprom, FAS, GDP

This article examines the role of the traditional liberal value supremacy of law in the Russian Federation. My focus is on a problem of exercising main principles of a democratic state in practice. The article explains the features of a law-governed state and the way in which the supremacy of law encourages legitimacy in Russia.
Keywords: Supremacy of law, law-governed state, democracy, rights and freedoms, separation of powers

The article is devoted to the transition of power in the USA and its subsequences to the global society. Thus, the democratic political course in the US has once again been reversed to the republican one, which implies a whole range of reforms in all spheres of life. It is extremely important to put emphasis on this fact, as in reality the USA is a highly developed country which is surely the first to affect the global processes. In this connection, our government is highly interested in the way the events will take course in the nearest future in order to analyze them and retaliate.
Keywords: Transition of power, elections, inauguration, reforms, executive orders, Dodd-Frank Act, ObamaCare, ISIS militant group, National Security Council, Syrian refugees, illegal immigration, great rebuilding of the Armed Forces, new administration, NATO;

The problem of judicial precedent in Russia is highly debated but there is no its regulation on the legislative level. It is discussed if legal precedent will become a future of the legal system in Russia. Inclination to the judicial formation of the law is observed today. It is necessary to fix the judicial precedent as an independent form of law for its official recognition. The article highlights the main issues.
Keywords: Judicial (legal) precedent, law of practice, source of law, court, legal system

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